Friday, March 25, 2011

pushing through

Searching for signs...

March can be the cruelest month for a north-easterner. Technically, it's spring. The clocks have sprung forward. The lion is destined to become a lamb at any moment. Any moment now. Waiting for the lamb. The snow flakes are still floating through the air these past few days, in spite of the increase in daylight and the arrival of spring.

I've gotten back to the gym following a prolonged winter hibernation and healing process. At the end of a particularly grueling hill climb in a recent spinning class, I watched snow-laden clouds gather over the billboard that now features a car instead of shirtless Abercrombie models of months past. As the sweating masses on stationary bikes (going nowhere) anticipated cresting the imaginary hill and being rewarded with the sweet feeling of an imaginary flat road on the other side, we were instead instructed to sit down and "push through."

That is what I feel I am doing now that I am once more encased in down from head to toe. Pushing through. I'm making note of every robin, every tip of crocus leaf, every bud. I'm searching desperately for the smell of damp earth beyond the chill in the air. It must be there somewhere, just around the corner of April.

Until then, I will push through.


JMP said...

I think we need to sit by the fire at one of our most-favored lunch spots!

Pucho V said...

I will push through with you. Let's cook some lamb soon!

Along the Ausable said...

ugh! ran around the 80 mezzanine last night because it was so bloody cold out. i kept thinking your thought, push through. ugh!

Nikki said...

Leah, this is a beautiful bit of writing and you describe perfectly what I'm feeling these days! We were in Syracuse this weekend and Benjamin and I went looking for any little sign to believe in.
Spring will arrive.

L said...

It is so good to know that I am not alone. Thank you all for the extra bit of endurance you encouraged in me.