Wednesday, February 9, 2011

can you hear me now?


I used to be opposed to texting because I thought it allowed people to too easily avoid a phone conversation. Now I love texting because it allows me to easily avoid a phone conversation.

I used to talk to my friends on the phone for hours, locked in my room with the cordless phone until it died. Now we email.

I used to talk to my parents at least once a week. Now they are all international and we'll meet on Skype.

Now I say "I'm not a phone person." My friends all say to each other, oh it's ok that we don't talk that often because we're not really phone people. And, it's true.

Technology is a gift in that it allows me to send a pal a quick "I'm thinking of you," passively keep up with old aquaintances I would otherwise know nothing about by reading their walls, I have the freedom to write to the ether about my random musings, and I've even made a few "internet" friends. But...
I miss your voice.


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Pucho V said...

I was reluctant to comment on this electronically...