Tuesday, January 11, 2011

personal penguin

Davy Jones + penguin = love
Rather, P + penguin = love

At long last, I have my own personal penguin. P has adopted me a little blue penguin from the New England Aquarium and I love, love, love him/her. Please enjoy the vocal stylings of Davy Jones (whom I would have asked to the prom if I weren't 32 and didn't already have a fabulous husband) to celebrate.

See pictures of my new baby here.

Happy day to you.

PS - Sandra Boynton, author of PP, is also the genius behind one of my other theme songs: "I Love You More Than Cheese..."


Pucho V said...

Happy Birthday! I do love you more than cheese, by the way. Way more. And I really love cheese.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday! What a great gift! We are big fans of Sandra Boynton at this house; in fact, we just finished reciting (books no longer necessary after 4+ years of reading these stories) "Pajama Time!" while B was getting ready for bed.

I hope you had a great birthday! xo.

eyeheartorange said...

Hope you had a great day, L! xoxo, T