Friday, January 21, 2011


This Friday, I bring you some random musings on ordinary life.

Do you ever feel like you need one of these:

60 oz Jumbo Cocktail Shaker = $21.29

Shouldn't that straw be sprouting from Belle's back between her shoulders rather than from...:

At least she's BPA-free.
I think she might be screwed together wrong,
but they were all like this.

Does every 4-year old's birthday end like this:

Let this be a lesson to you.

A wonderful concept, yet somehow it sounds like an insult:

I give you CHEESE BOY.

May your weekend be full of wonder.


Pucho V said...

Wow, 2011 has been really weird so far, hasn't it?

Pucho V said...

From the CHEESE BOY website: "The best things in life are cheese."

Courtney said...

Really? Short of wine, the best thing in life IS cheese.

I love cheese. And 2011.

eyeheartorange said...

I saw poor Belle at Target the other day and I just had to walk away. That is so bad!

L said...

If Target in another state has the same abomination on its shelves, it must not be a one-off mistake!

JuneBug said...


yes to the jumbo shaker.