Monday, November 8, 2010


Tangled up in blue? That song is PHENOMENAL. Phenomenal.

Bad Company? Monster band. 1975.

1973 saw them at the Garden. PHENOMENAL.

Stevie Nicks? PHENOMENAL. One time a bunch of my buddies rented two boats in the Virgin Islands; one for singles the other for the married couples. We sailed around for 13 days and before we were there? Stevie Nicks. She was getting heavy then. I guess all she did was paint watercolors the whole time. Man, that group, they were like a family. They cheated on each other, but they loved each other. Phenomenal.

[Note: Although I arrived early for my train, there was no room for me in the quiet car.]


JMP said...

Quite frankly, your non-quiet train car seems pretty phenomenal as well.

L said...

You can't make that s*$% up! Priceless and... Phenomenal!

However, it went on for 3hrs straight (literally), which was excruciating.

Pucho V said...

Overheard from my last non-quiet car experience: "Idi Amin's policies weren't bad, there was just a problem with the implementation."

Sleepless (and Jet-lagged) in London.

Tera said...

ugh, this sounds just hellish. Reminds me of the time I was stuck on a train behind a dude eating kimchee. If there is one thing I hate more than noise pollution, it is scent pollution.

Side note: I do agree that Tangled Up In Blue is phenomenal. But NOT Stevie Nicks.