Monday, November 8, 2010


Tangled up in blue? That song is PHENOMENAL. Phenomenal.

Bad Company? Monster band. 1975.

1973 saw them at the Garden. PHENOMENAL.

Stevie Nicks? PHENOMENAL. One time a bunch of my buddies rented two boats in the Virgin Islands; one for singles the other for the married couples. We sailed around for 13 days and before we were there? Stevie Nicks. She was getting heavy then. I guess all she did was paint watercolors the whole time. Man, that group, they were like a family. They cheated on each other, but they loved each other. Phenomenal.

[Note: Although I arrived early for my train, there was no room for me in the quiet car.]

Thursday, November 4, 2010

rocky raccoon, we never knew you

Raccoon 2.0: Roni

P and I have returned from our northern adventure. We had a lovely time with the Along the Ausable blog lady, and we learned a lot, too!

For instance, not only is Roni the Raccoon, mascot of the 1980 winter Olympics, named after the AdirRONIdack [sic] Mountains, but this poorly-spelled fellow was actually the mascot understudy. The internet tells me that, originally, a real live raccoon named Rocky was destined to welcome international visitors and athletes to the AdiRONIdacks, "but he died." Rocky died too soon and wasn't able to fulfill his mascotty duties. So, in steps Roni the fake raccoon. Nice save, Roni! In the photo above, Pete sports Roni's "new" head now used for parades, as I understand it....

AtA and L spend time with the Beaver of Lake Placid Lodge.

AtA took us on a grand tour of Lake Placid including a stop to spend time with the pine cone animals of Lake Placid Lodge. Based on the nightly room rate, I would estimate that the three of us spent $150 of time wandering the Lodge. Maybe even $150 per person.

In conclusion, great fun was had with our tour hostess (thank you!) and family members, hockey was won and lost, and the beavers of Lake Placid Lodge continue to pose silently under their dramatic lighting.