Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The classic bibliophile is one who loves to read, admire and collect books,
often amassing a large and specialized collection...

L&P like books. One could surmise that P likes them more based on sheer volume, but I think that we actually like them equally; I am just more methodic in book aquisition and ruthless in my willingness to sell back or donate any book that I A: don't deem worth finishing, or B: am embarrassed to display on my bookshelf. I am often ridiculed by family and husband for my aversion to used books, which also helps cut down on the number I possess.

However, quantity is not necessarily the best measure of love is it? Inspired by the recent impending hurricane that never was, I now have a library card, and it is AWESOME. I realize that this will not add any colorful new tomes to my shelves, but I've rediscovered the long-forgotten joy of borrowing a book, and the urgency that a due date instills [Note: I am very law abiding and will do anything to avoid a penalty, even a ten cent late fee.]

I remember that dusty library smell. I remember my favorite spot in the library as a kid: on the floor in front of the shelf of Anne of Green Gables, Madeleine L'Engle, and Nancy Drew mysteries. A few years later in life, I realized I could borrow Teen Beat, which was fantastic since I wasn't allowed to buy Teen Beat.

By golly, the library sure is modern nowadays. I got an email from my library letting me know that my "speed read" book is due tomorrow. I can go to all the museums in Boston for free with the help of my library. I can use a fancy laser gun to check myself out, borrow movies and audiobooks, sit and enjoy the wi-fi on an umbrella-covered patio. My books don't smell like must.

I think Pete is afraid that my library love will eventually lead to the elimination of our ever expanding collection of books. Do not fear, P. I have every intention of amassing a large and specialized collection that I do not have to return. Ever.



Dan said...

Libraries are indeed awesome.

Another perk - borrowing audio books for long trips in the car.

Along the Ausable said...

I love libraries, interlibrary loans and especially renewing online. Oh, oh and the drop box. Love the drop box!

Today I went to one the best bookstore's ever. It's in Manchester, VT. You and P must go!

eyeheartorange said...

I am going to cover all Brett's books with brown kraft paper so they all match. Arnold Schwarzenneger's Guide to Weightlifting will live in harmony with The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance. He protests but it is really not up for discussion.

Anonymous said...

For one, it's Arnold's guide to "Body Building", which I have obviously not completely read. Really, who has time to work only on their calves 45 minutes a day 6 days a week for two years?

I'm casting a dissenting vote here but that only means we're tied. What to do?

Great thoughts Leah. Don't be afraid of the used bookstores but beware that if you do become attached, it's very easy to walk out with a dozen books, most of which you won't have time to read for years. The positive side is that it's like having a library in your own house. Or in the case of us "small space" dwellers, a library buried in some storage unit...

Pucho V said...

Ah yes, I, too, have a secret, subterranean library contained in large Rubbermaid storage bins. It is a magical (and dusty) place.

PhatKid said...

wait--you have issues touching used books, but no problem with libraries? the homeless bathe there, leah. THE HOMELESS!