Friday, July 9, 2010


I keep meaning to write, but somehow I always seem to be caught up in other things.

Like lobster and byo beer at a sunny picnic table.

Thinking about boats.

Staring at the horizon.

Celebrating the noble crustacean.
Ok, "noble" is a stretch -- how about "delicious."

P and I have perfected our beach routine: parking strategy, walk-on pass, spf, umbrella, chairs, blanket, towels, cooler, sandwich pick-up. Sorry that I have been distracted.



eyeheartorange said...

oooh, where is that? Maine? Looks divine.

Peggy said...

Did you ever go to Singing Beach? I recommend a trip on a windy day so you can appreciate it fully!

L said...

Why, Peggy, that is the exact beach for which we have created the beach routine. Isn't it fabulous? Come visit!

eho - This is in fact the very cooly named "Folly Cove," on the North Shore of MA. A mere 32 miles from me. Come visit!