Sunday, May 2, 2010

problem solved

What is this magical device? Why, it's a Poach Pod.

A few weeks ago, I documented my trials and tribulations attempting to poach eggs. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my dear friend Anna for saving me hours of frustration, saving my husband from my ruined-egg induced wrath, and for being so thoughtful. A paid me a visit two weeks ago and presented me with the above, Poach Pod.

Float: As you can see, I accomplished the first step quite easily.

Hot pods: extracted pod with poached egg.

This is what I was aiming for...

Perfection. Dear Anna: I am so very grateful. Thanks, too, for the tips regarding PAM. My white plastic bowls will never be stained by chili or spaghetti sauce because of your sage advice. Love, L

I'm adding the Poach Pod to my list of obsessive products, which includes the AeroGarden and the SodaStream. I know the Poach Pod is bound for global success because while stopping in a grocery store on St. Thomas before hopping a boat, I captured this image:

Solving poaching problems worldwide.



Courtney said...

Off to Amazon to find! Perfection!

Anna said...

Dear Leah,

So glad that you like the poach pod and that you are no longer swearing at your eggs...I was getting worried for Pete and maybe for the chickens!

As for the PAM, I should probably be their spokesperson. Other helpful uses for PAM...squeaky door hinges and if you spray your cheese grater with it, it makes it much easier to clean later...well that is all I've got on that.

It was fantastic seeing you both in Boston. We will have to visit again soon!

Love and miss you,

Anna said...

P.S. which SodaStream do you have? I have 2 little ones here that are shopping for the "perfect father's day present" and thought I might know someone who would love it as much as you do.

L said...

A - Will be in touch ASAP re: SodaStream. We'll talk.

eyeheartorange said...

Love the soda stream!!

Along the Ausable said...

How did I never know that I could have perfectly poached eggs and make my own seltzer? I live in a bubble. I am now obsessed with soda stream!