Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I accept multiple currencies

Remember the golden era of Haley Joel Osment? The time when he was still a sweet little man-child who could see dead people, hold his own against Michael Caine, and and asked audiences: "What did you ever do to change the world?" While the 90s have come and gone, isn't that question still relevant, perhaps now more than ever? [Note: I despise the phrases "now more than ever" and "new and improved."]

Well, perhaps together we can answer HJO's question -- we can do a bloggy pay it forward. That's what. I was the recent lucky recipient of Courtney's good will and part of the deal (and because I really wanna) is that I now must pay-it-foward. I will select 3 lovely people who will receive a treat from me and a personal note telling you how wonderful you are. Pretty sweet, huh?

Here are the rules:
  1. You must comment on this post. The comment must include something positive and/or awesome (about anything you'd like; it just needs to be happy!).
  2. If you are a winner, I ask that you pay-it-forward however you'd like, in-person, online, in writing, whatever...just commit to doing something nice for three people in the spirit of paying-it-forward. I am not picky, you can pay in any currency you like. I will not check up on you. However, if you don't intend to pay it forward, please don't play.
  3. If selected to pay-it-forward, you must trust me enough to send me your address (I'll ask for it later). If you don't trust me enough to send me your address, you'll just be the recipient of good vibes that I will mentally send your way.
A few will play and THREE will win! I will tear up pieces of paper with numbers on them, put them in Pete's straw hat, and then have him randomly draw three people. Let me tell you that your chances of winning are very good, as 3 is a very high percentage of my total reader population.

Love and good vibes to you all...
PS - I will announce winners after June 7th!


JuneBug said...

is #1 ever picked? here's my happiness for right now...

i didn't explode at the 5:40 am wake up from the baby

keith comes home from a trip today so i don't have to single parent anymore (for awhile)

lili's preschool is having a families invited picnic party, and she is going to take pictures!

the weather is a perfect 70+ and breezy

we're making pizza for dinner

and probably banana bread too. this is going to be a happy day.

and the "word verificationn" is winess, which makes me think "whiness" - which is me: a whining princess. That makes me laugh a little.

L said...

Aww, I love that lili's a photographer. Don't worry, June, I think I'll just draw names, no numbers...

Pucho V said...

I'm not sure if I can play, as I am a participant in the name drawing, but I'll respond just the same:

Tartiflette, wine on the shores of Lake Annecy, a hike to the grotto, Leah in France, nostalgic blog posts, sprongs, iguana tracks on the beach, newborn twin lambs, and my word verification ("toblype").

Courtney said...

I probably don't count, either, but, and this could be bad, I have 3.5 days away from my parental responsibilities. I'll come home refreshed and desperate to play trains.

I fit in my skinny jeans. I've worked out every M/W/F at 6 am for the past 8 weeks. I wake up at 5:25 even on the days I don't work out, and get lots of work done before anybody else gets up. Benjamin graduated from 3 y/o pre-school. My garden is very green, despite a few weeds that can't be dealt with until Tuesday. And great friends.

And my word verification "wowser"

Courtney said...

Oh, and since it's probably a necessary disclosure after the above in the middle of a Friday afternoon. ;)

L said...

ALL good things. Wow, I wish I was having wine right now and not doing what I'm doing. WAIT! Happy thoughts: cheese.

eyeheartorange said...

I am reading this from a blanket under a tree in Piedmont Park with a book and my husband. That ought to count as happy! Plus, the obnoxious group of soccer players next to us just got kicked out, double happy. And, duh, holiday/birthday weekend : triple happy. My word is yanks, which reminds me of my username...

Along the Ausable said...

I like that Helen Hunt is wearing a turquoise bra in that clip. I love Kevin Spacey's voice and think that he would make an awesome neighbor or maybe a cool uncle. I am glad that I don't have to watch movies with HJO in them and cringe at his awkwardness anymore. That's positive right?

Oh, and I love love love cheese injected hot dogs and am not afraid to admit it.

Katie said...

This is an awesome video of my back on my feet group: Running with them was a great start to my day today!

Also good...I had a fun mountain biking adventure last weekend with my bro-in-law and survived some nasty crashes. I got scabs for the first time in a while and I'm a total scab picker (I know, gross) so that's been fun. haha, yuck, did I just say all that?