Saturday, April 3, 2010

egg jacuzzi vs. hot tub time machine

egg jacuzzi

The other day, I made an egg jacuzzi. It was unintentional, and pretty revolting.

I just wanted to poach an egg so that I could make a springtime meal that I've had on my mind. I have had varying degrees of success with eggs in the past, so studied up to make sure that I would not waste a dozen eggs. I sometimes feel like eggs and I are in a personal fight with each other, and I have developed a compulsion to throw out any egg that does not come out to my liking. Pete has rescued many an egg from my wrath.

I watched a video. I checked out multiple websites, blog comments, and consulted the Joy of Cooking. I was ready, but then my tragic flaw kicked in: I have no patience.

I decided I would make 3 poached eggs at once. End result: egg jacuzzi. Yet another sign that if I can become more patient, I will be rewarded with perfect poached eggs, less wrinkled clothing, and better relationships.

One: not the loneliest number.

Patience is a virtue.



Pucho V said...

Yes, I did enjoy eating the unlucky jacuzzi residents in all of their shapes and forms.

eyeheartorange said...

omg, I have to send you a stupid Easter forward from B's dad. Appropriate.

L said...

I'm intrigued by the possibility of an Easter forward related to jacuzzis...