Thursday, April 15, 2010

very good

Was just reading a blog post reviewing a particular product and happened to notice in the comments section someone simply wrote "very good."

I wonder, is the reveiw good? Is the product good? Are they just telling the writer "good job?"

I kind of love it.
PS - Just fyi, I don't think the product is very good, but then again, I am opposed to Bed Bath & Beyond in general.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new institution

Song of the day
One of my coworkers recently told be about an alumni relations shop that starts each morning with a "song of the day." This involves blasting music and dancing around the office to set the tone of your day. I guess its sort of like an American version of those Japanese calisthenics.

I think I will be instituting the "song of the day" in my life. It makes a difference. After I parked this morning, I rocked out in the car with an ice scraper and Boston love. Life is good.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

egg jacuzzi vs. hot tub time machine

egg jacuzzi

The other day, I made an egg jacuzzi. It was unintentional, and pretty revolting.

I just wanted to poach an egg so that I could make a springtime meal that I've had on my mind. I have had varying degrees of success with eggs in the past, so studied up to make sure that I would not waste a dozen eggs. I sometimes feel like eggs and I are in a personal fight with each other, and I have developed a compulsion to throw out any egg that does not come out to my liking. Pete has rescued many an egg from my wrath.

I watched a video. I checked out multiple websites, blog comments, and consulted the Joy of Cooking. I was ready, but then my tragic flaw kicked in: I have no patience.

I decided I would make 3 poached eggs at once. End result: egg jacuzzi. Yet another sign that if I can become more patient, I will be rewarded with perfect poached eggs, less wrinkled clothing, and better relationships.

One: not the loneliest number.

Patience is a virtue.