Monday, March 15, 2010


not good

Please note on the map above that I live almost directly under the yellow splotch. It's been a bit rainy here. In fact I am home minding the bowls that are catching the drips that seem to be coming through the walls. No joke. Three of our east facing windows are leaking. Ah well.

Then, there's this:

much better

Looking forward to enjoying daylight savings for the first time -- I'll be able to actually see the sun set an hour later!



Along the Ausable said...

Oh that is not good. Not good at all. Just look forward to the extended forecast and drink wine!

L said...

Ah, yes! Wine. How could I have forgotten. I definitely deserve wine today.... Thanks!

Courtney said...

Wine. I just poured the first glass of the evening.

Good luck with the rain/leaks. I love blogging about the weather. Probably irrationally so.

Thanks again for the am giggle this morning; much needed! XO

Katie said...

Please will away a forecast like that for April 19! Excited to see you guys!