Friday, March 5, 2010


Voted "most useful kitchen tool..."

Yesterday, as we left the apartment to head to work, Pete threw my umbrella out with the recycling. I was waiting for him around the corner from our bins. He rounded the side of our building, said: "Your umbrella is in the recycling," and seemed to want to continue on his way.

"What do you mean, 'your umbrella is in the recycling'?" I asked.

"I don't know, it was just in the recyling and so now it is in the bottom of the recycling bin. You must have put it in there."

We stared at each other for a bit. "Let's just leave it," Pete sort of half-asked.

Incredulous stare from Leah.

I am a bit slow in the morning. I had just fixed my umbrella, was quite proud of it and knew durn well that I would not have accidentally put it in the recycling which resides in a small trash can under our sink, rather than in the closet or on the doorknob where my umbrella typically hangs out. Very confused.

Now, picture the two of us, in our work clothes, carrying our respective purse and manbag, peering into the depths of the 4' deep recycling bin at my poor umbrella. It was pretty empty so the umbrella was way far down there. I looked at Pete. He knew this meant: get my umbrella out of there.

We sort of half-heartedly tried to reach into the bin without touching the side. I started rocking it and tipping it to see if I could get the brella to roll up the side a bit. I traipsed around the building looking for sticks to fish it out with, but to no avail.

More staring at each other. Wondering what we could use to get it out.

"Get the tongs," I said.

He did. He got the tongs and he rescued my umbrella. They really are the most useful tool you can have in your kitchen. Still no idea how the umbrella went in the recycling.




Pucho V said...

I'm still disturbed that you were willing to risk recycling your husband to ensure that your umbrella was not recycled. I'm not questioning your priorities, I'm just, um...oh, I don't know. Sigh.

L said...

What does this even mean? I have no idea.

Anna said...

I think that most useful kitchen tool in your house is the stockpot...makes great soup and thaws shower pipes. The tongs, though, may be a close second. Please don't recycle Pete!

Pucho V said...

Indeed, the stockpot is the Swiss Army knife of cookware. That said, it would not have helped me retrieve LSB's umbrella.

eyeheartorange said...

Anna, didn't we used to have an inside joke about "tongs"?