Saturday, March 27, 2010

leave this to the professionals

I have a love/hate relationship with cobblers. The things I love include shiny new looking heels, tap-tap-tapping with a little hammer, the cluttered old-fashioned atmosphere of a really good shop, the stories that cobblers tell about Eastern Europe. I love the idea of repairing my tattered old treads so that they end up being sold in a vintage store someday. [Note: this is pretty funny since I actually get grossed out by shoes in consignment shops. I know, I know -- personal quirk.]

I don't like:
  1. being chastized for not taking better care of my shoes -- I live in a city with cobblestones, what do you want from me?

  2. being criticized for buying cheap shoes that they then must repair -- this does not make sense to me since if I didn't have cheap shoes for them to repair all the time they would be out of business.

  3. listening to 25 minutes of stories about Eastern Europe when I have, in actuality, only 10min of time to drop off my shoes to have them repaired.

In the new frugalista fashion that is all the rage these days, I was thrilled to buy a pair of shoes that actually came with replacement heel tips. I had ground down my favorite pair of heels and was keen to use my own tiny hammer to fix them up.

Heel one was a breeze. I happily admired my handiwork as I sat in the middle of the living room floor surrounded by pliers, my tiny hammer, and bits of plastic.

Heel two, um, not so much. I am now left with one heel that looks lovely and which I satisfyingly replaced on my own, and another that is maimed beyond my own repair and may need special surgery from a real cobbler. A real cobbler who will berate me for attempting to do this myself. I have learned my lesson. I will leave this to the professionals and pretend that a little gnome (Gnome? Elves? Who fixes shoes?) is working behind the scenes with a tiny hammer and a song....



eyeheartorange said...

You should come to my cobbler. They no-speaky any English. All they can say is "when you need it?" and "ok, 6 dolla"
I love that we fix our shoes! So worth it.

L said...

Wow, that sounds good. Maybe The Mean Cobbler is a Boston thing? I just spoke to another person who has been reprimanded by her cobbler. Of course, I think we go to the same person. I need to branch out.

Courtney said...

I used to go to one in Cleveland Circle who only spoke Russian and he was REALLY mean, but really good. And cheap, if my memory serves me.

I am so hard on my shoes...

L said...

So, I went. Not many words were exchanged. I presented my mauled shoes. He said:

"No problem. Ok, I fix."

Feeling love for him, cobbler man.

L said...

UPDATE: Upon pick-up, I was firmly reprimanded for my DIY. Never again.