Thursday, March 4, 2010

instant gratification

Zappos free overnight shipping upgrade
DiGiorno pizza
Snapfish pick up photos in-store
friend blogs

Sometimes you just need a bit of instant gratification. What are your go tos when you need a fix?



Courtney said...

Those are all wonderful things. I'll add:

Amazon Prime Membership (we use it for groceries, health and beauty stuff, etc.)

Kindle books (on my iPhone)

My iPhone for my junk addictions (Pop Sugar, Texts from Last Night, email, Facebook, and of course, work when I am playing hooky)

Pretty house-stuff blogs

Diet Coke

And lately, the rekindled emails with y'all. :)

L said...

Yes, and I'll add igoogle,, fleece pants

JMP said...

Amy's Organic Mac and Cheese and MP3 downloads!!!

Anna said...

I will add naps, laughter, and phone calls with forever friends.

Along the Ausable said...

At the top of the list would be - watching hulu or instant netflix on the laptop in my bed with flannel sheets, electric mattress pad, and a cat by my side.

Others would be - baguette and brie, coming across a great song on the radio, pineapple coconut haagen dazs when I can't be on a tropical island, and laughing with friends.

Cheers to you and your lovely thoughts!

L said...

WHAT?! What is this electric mattress pad you speak of?! I must have one...

eyeheartorange said...

Pinot Noir
big flower headbands
skinny jeans
my man
and, lame, my iPhone!