Thursday, February 11, 2010

munchkin land

Baby J

Hi, folks. It's been awhile! I've been meaning to write about my weekend spent feeling very tall and very old, surrounded by tiny people.

Pete and I were lucky to snag a visit with Anna, Theron, and Baby J, while T was in town to check out expensive dental drills and wander the streets of Boston. I have to say, while his parents are pretty great, Baby J was downright delightful.

Unfortunately for Baby J, as far as I'm concerned he will be Baby J for the rest of his life. Never just J, but Baby J. When Baby J is 25 and coming to visit his mom and his aunties with his new girlfriend, I can just image us, a bunch of boozy old ladies, yelling: "Baby J, bring me another martini! Did you tell your friend you used to go through 12 diapers a day?" Baby J might be 6' 2" with a beard and tatoos, but too bad for him. Still Baby J. Actually, a huge tattooed guy called "Baby J" sounds like he might be the kind of guy who carries around a crowbar...

Ha, ha! We are funny.
Poor Baby J is going to have to deal with
Mommy's embarrasing friend.

As if lauging at a poor, defenseless little baby for a few days straight wasn't enough entertainment, we fastforwarded a few years to attend K's 3yr birthday party. It involved mimosas, balloon bending Venezuelans, and the pinata that wouldn't quit. We survived the bat wielding 3yr olds to party another day.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Phew! I'm not sure where I was going when I started this post, but here's the end: thanks to Baby J and his parents for visitng -- come back! Thanks to tiny K for turning 3 and for the fabulous princess cocktail ring and magic wand.

Until we meet again...


eyeheartorange said...

Precious! That makes getting old and all ya-ya'ed not sound so bad. Great baby shot, btw!

L said...

That photo is Pete's fine photograpy skills at work (credit where credit is due).

Courtney said...

Awwww! I miss you guys so much! And can't wait to meet Baby J.

Pucho V said...

I don't know which is more frightening: a stick-welding 3-year-old or the photo of L & A.

tshimizubrennan said...

Thank YOU for coming to the party!! Karin looked VERY serious from your side. She's such a good samurai :)

OMG, baby J is adorable!! That picture above is postcard material!!

Anna said...

Love all the pictures...but the video was great! I think that I want a pinata at my next birthday party. Oh, and a princess wand too.

If beh beh Jack has an abundance of tatoos and crowbars...just imagine what his girlfriend will be like. We might be in trouble. Please thank Pete for capturing a great picture of Jack..I love it!
I miss you!

Katie said...

I have two comments:
1. Baby J looks like he's got Anna's eyes. So precious!
2. Anna kind of looks like a hunchback in that picture. A cute hunchback, of course.

Anna said...

That's funny...I was sort of thinking turtle!