Friday, January 22, 2010

winning streak

The popover forest...

Doesn't this scene look like the place where I had my snowball fight last weekend? Know what? I won it. Yup. After a bad stretch of losing stuff -- a sentimental earring, my work phone, my sanity -- the tide has turned, my friends. I am a winner.

It all started when the nice Along the Ausable blog lady offered a fun prize. I was posty and quick and now I have this pretty vintage present tacked up to gaze at. Makes winter look desirable. Sort of.

Then, I won a t-shirt as part of the Trek. THEN, I won 30 minutes toward my trekking goal. [Note: This prize makes me feel like I'm cheating on myself though. How can you win exercise time that is in the past and that you dind't actually do? It's imaginary.]

I'm making sure to take great pleasure in these tiny bits of luck. They add up.



Pucho V said...

...just wait until you get your Cultural Gift from Arizona. I haven't procured it yet, but it will be awesome.

eyeheartorange said...


Along the Ausable said...

I am so glad your postcard arrived and you like it.

Don't think of the 30 min bonus as cheating, maybe there was a storm in the Alps and someone offered you a ride in their Renault until the lightning ended.

Courtney said...

Love this. I wish, if I could have anything, it'd be all my girls hanging out for a weekend in a cabin that involved snow shoes, wine and a lot of giggles around a fireplace.

L said...

That cabin sounds divine.... Where is it!? Let's find it.