Monday, January 25, 2010

order out of chaos

stage 1: empty out

I don't like chaos. I'm not messy. Pete is not messy either, but he is ok with temporary chaos.

Being married to someone who is patient and accepting of chaos as a means to an end has been a good lesson for me. The ability to tolerate chaos is intrinsically linked to patience, which is a quality I hope to develop someday. As for now, I must rely on Pete's patient nature to ensure that projects are done thoroughly. [Note: P suggested I start another blog on how to half-ass everything. I am notorious for rigging things up with funtak and pushpins.]

long story short, we spent Sunday entirely emptying our office in order to accomodate a sleeper sofa (guests, come visit!), and then reloading it all. If it weren't for Pete, I would have left everything in the office, and then taken twice as long to rearrange things while clamboring over furniture, breaking things, injuring myself, swearing, etc.

stage 2: sort and put back in

Now, things are looking pretty good, I think. Everything fits, the bed opens while still leaving room to maneuver, the desk is back in shape, and cables are on their way to being tamed.

stage 3: what to do with newly empty walls?

What I did not yet capture with my amazing camera phone (perhaps I will update later) is the newly exposed expanse of wall space. The 2 walls not shown here are bare. They are bare and almost the same color as the sofa. Hmmm... I thought about just hanging a huge piece of art, perhaps suspending curtain panels form the ceiling, but am feeling uninspired. Any ideas?



eyeheartorange said...

I hear you are expecting some visitors this week! You must hug all of them for me and maybe tickle the cutest one.

L said...

Oh, yes, lucky me! I am not sure which is the cutest, but I will start with the smallest and kiss them all.

Anna said...

We had a great time. Thanks for letting us visit. It was great to see you both and we love your place! Miss you already!