Thursday, January 7, 2010

faux motivation

Does faux motivation work? What do I mean by this?

What I mean is: if I pretend like I am walking to the French Alps, will I really workout? That is to be determined, but you can keep an eye on me to see if I do it.  I am skeptical.

I have always had a hard time motivating to workout even though I am quite happy to be doing it once I get my rear end in motion. My best motivation has usually been other people -- if I am responsible for meeting someone at a certain time, I will be there. Friends have served me well in this capacity, paying someone has proven even more effective.  Cold weather is a major deterrent to exercise.

So... seeing as 2010 is a time to be cheap (no trainer fees) and a new year's resolution is due (be healthy yadda, yadda, yadda), I'm giving this a try. You can do whatever physical activity you want, it is just the time you do it that counts. I do like tracking progress, winning stuff, and my favorite thing -- competing against myself. Nothing is better than beating yourself (unless it is beating your arch nemesis).

Gym tonight. Skating this weekend (maybe). Lunchtime walks (brrrrr). IDEAS?! Any thoughts on wintertime activities for a girl with a half-gimp shoulder? Please help. OR, please join me on the Trek -- anyone can sign up, but you can only win prizes if you work at the University. If I win anything, I'll share with you.

I have a hard time believing I can transform the icy streets of urban Massachusetts into a flowery summer field of flowers in my mind, but what the heck?



Courtney said...

You can do it! I made myself a google spreadsheet to track my mileage for the (lackluster) marathon training I am in right now, and I get little rewards when I hit certain mileage points.

Pretty things motivate me.


L said...

Hmmm... pretty things. Now there's an idea.

Pucho V said...

Would foie gras be an appropriate reward or will that defeat the purpose?

Katie said...

Back on My Feet, the organization I volunteer/run with, is coming to Boston! Get involved - it's the greatest motivation to get up and meet your team for a run in the morning.

JMP said...

@Pucho V: Considering that some of the prizes are pastries from the Danish Pastry House, then yes, it would be an appropriate reward. Um, but not for me ;-)

eyeheartorange said...

We got a Wii fit for Christmas and the thing is mean to me! It is motivation to use it just so it doesn't make strange disapproving noises when I step on or tell me I really need to "train" everyday. It's not really a real workout, but it is fun, better than nothing, and INSIDE!

The other day Brett got on it and it asked him if he had seem me lately. Oh, and how did she look?
A. thinner
B. heavier
C. more toned

None of your business, Wii Fit! Grrrr!

L said...

TPS - Your Wii has no manners!