Thursday, December 31, 2009

to hell in a handbasket

Crackle, crackle...

Like most people, P and I have been stuffed silly and giving our livers a major workout for the past month or so. We have the best intentions for a healthy beginning to the New Year, but have decided that if you're already headed to hell, might as well finish with a bang. Right?

Last year we braved a literal blizzard to attend a NYE party. While fun, we decided to stay in this year and model our celebration after NYE 2007/2008. I am hereby publicly committing to the following menu of sin to finish out 2009 in the throes of pure gluttony...

L&P's Decadence for a New Decade Menu

Elderflower cocktails or spritzer
Elderflower soda + vodka = Yay, vodka!
Jan 1: Wine plus seltzer ane elderflower soda proved to be much lighter.

For nibbling…
Jan 1: Just could not fathom adding more fat when the time came, so we opted for olives and cheese instead.

Baked Artichokes with Crab and Sourdough Stuffing

Crab cakes stuffed into a vegetable. Woo hoo surf and turf!

Jan 1: We made these and they were delish. We also made impromptu crab cakes witht the extra stuffing.

Mushroom ravioli in sage and brown butter
Yay, prepared food! MMmm, butter.

Jan 1: Soooo, forgot to buy the sage. Raviolis resided in plain brown butter with a little thyme.

Warm Butternut Squash and Arugula Salad
Salad is healthy. Good.
Veuve Cliquot
'Nuff said.

Chocolate Soufflés with raspberries
I salut you, Trader Joe, and your delicious frozen desserts.


Digestif Calvados served by the light of an ambient fire YouTube video… Jan 1: Not even close.

Can we eat it? Will we survive? Will we ourselves be certifiable foie gras in the end? Does PETA hate us? What are you doing to kick 2009 in the rear?



Pucho V said...

Don't forget the delicious day-after crab scrambles.

PhatKid said...


My resolution is to now allow work to get in the way of the stuff I want to blog. My poor, poor neglected blog.

And screw PETA. Foie gras is goooood.