Sunday, December 6, 2009

a great accomplishment

Contrary to popular belief....

Contrary to popular belief, this photo above is not London Bridge, but Tower Bridge. Oh yes, you know what this means... After 3 years of attemts to visit I finally got my Tower of London trip. I even passed up the Fortnum & Mason hamper display for this, so those of you who know my hamper love will understand the gravity of this visit.

It's good to be a raven if you live here.

After a Yeoman's wander with a beefeater, JW and I checked out the crown jewels including the first and second largest diamonds in the world, Anne Bolyn's resting place, the bloody tower, Traitors Gate, 3 of the 7 spoiled ravens on the premise, and 2 gift shops.

[Note: It could have been a "tour with a Yeoman Warder," instead of the tour being a "Yeoman's Wander," but I am not good with accents as many of you know...]

Yes, I am quite pleased with myself.

Back home safe and sound. Jet lag has woken me up early for a productive morning of Christmas prep and some bloggy catch-up. Missed you.



Pucho V said...

Maybe it was a Yeoman Warder Wander? Sounds alot better than a Beefeater's Stroll, no?

Pucho V said..., sorry, I meant to write "a_lot." So careless.