Sunday, December 13, 2009

cassoulet forever

Yes, it really was that good.

It's a bit disorienting to be cooking up a huge hunk of pork shoulder, a bunch of chorizo, and half a bottle of wine at 9am, but hey, that's what you've got to do to make a really kick a$* cassoulet.

Who is this "cassoulet" you speak of?

Eliz came over to help us celebrate the noble pig in all it's deliciousness. The dish contains pork in no less than 3 forms, so you know it's got to be good. And... it was. Hopefully, it will continue to be as delicious for a long time, since there are still 3 lbs remaining.

Vive le cassoulet!


JMP said...

I know someone in Q-Town who can help you with those leftovers.

Courtney said...


Elizabeth Brady Fiorini said...

Sooooo amazingly delicious. Thanks again!

Pucho V said...

After New Jersey forced me to take a 1 1/2 day pause in my cassoulet consumption, I'm back on board the train. Cassoulet for dinner, cassoulet for lunch, cassoulet forever!