Monday, November 9, 2009

Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.

...what about the ROUSes?

We looked awfully hard during a recent trip to the swamp, but no sign of nutria. However, we did see some other stuff:

Learned some stuff, too. Our guide taught us that:

  1. I am a Yankee whether I like it or not.
  2. Yankees ruin everything (knew that already).
  3. Yankees shouldn't reproduce.
  4. Yankees who move south are known as "Damn Yankees."

Other bits of trivia:

  1. Don't touch Spanish moss even though it's pretty -- it can be full of chiggers which will burrow into your skin and feel like pieces of glass wriggling inside your flesh.
  2. Tourists like turtles.
  3. At Bourbon St. Blues Co. you can get 3 for 1 on the first floor until 6pm, but if you go upstairs, you can get 3 for 1 until 9pm.
  4. Yankees ruin everything.

More to come,


Pucho V said...

we also learned that, apparently, we ate more than everyone else on the boat combined.

Courtney said...

Love it! Miss you guys. Seriously need to catch up, too! xo.