Friday, October 9, 2009

it's not easy being green

Love? Hate?

I love dark leafy greens. I love people who hate dark leafy greens. One hater I know sometimes gives me the castoffs from her CSA.

That is how I ended up taking home a large bunch of collard greens last night.

Pete: What's that?
L: What this? Oh, nothing. Just my massive bunch of second hand collard greens.

Now to figure out what to do with them. I have beet greens, chard, and kale down, but I think CGs require bacon or something to make them edible.

Sorry, in my mind I didn't think this post would turn out to be so boring. I'll do better next time.


Pucho V said...

Everything's better with bacon.

JuneBug said...

It's true. Baconisbetter. I'm a hater, personally... You'd be getting lots of beet greens from me! I once made a Kale and Sausage soup, and it tasted like feet. Or Gym socks.

eyeheartorange said...

I am a greens lover! Kale, collards, but I sort of draw the line at Swiss chard. You could use the greens in a pasta e fagioli soup? Or chopped, slightly wilted and mixed with sauteed onions and said bacon. I also love adding greens to pasta. Or you could shred them and make something like creamed spinach with a little nutmeg, onions, s+p and heavy cream. Yum.

This comment is sounding too much like Lynne Rossetto Kasper from the Splendid Table. I swear I'm really only 30 and love love junk food.

L said...

And, I love YOU! Thanks for the recs, southern gal.

Junebug - beet greens are my favorite.

BurlingtonBride said...

you have to check this out -- I made it the other nice with chard and collard greens:

so yummy!

L said...

Ooh, fab. Thanks for the link. Gourmet just folded, so I've lost my subscription -- seems, BB, that you really like Bon Apetit? I need a replacement...