Wednesday, September 9, 2009

made in france


My parents very, very kindly gave Pete and me quite a special pot for our anniversary. In fact, calling it a "pot" doesn't do it justice.

The appropriate vessel for your moules.

Do you like our new light?
They are all the rage in these parts...

We marked the first cooking with champagne, of course. [Note: I am not capitalizing "C", as it was really a sparkling Loire, and I just learned on NPR or some such outlet that you can commonly use "c"hampagne to describe sparkling wine and "C"hampange is the real stuff. How stuck up am I? Whatever, it was on NPR so it must be true.]

Pete's recent encounter with the Silver Fox has inspired him to attempt a cassoulet. Perhaps a 3-day cassoulet. Who knows? Craziness may ensue.

Thank you, M&D.

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Pucho V said...

...or perhaps a stew of sanglier.