Thursday, August 27, 2009


This movie is cuh-RAZY.

P and I watched the movie Coraline the other night. That movie is NUTS.

I have no idea who the director and producer had in mind when they decided to make this movie, but apparently it was someone like me. It's not really for kids, it's not really for adults... It gave me deja vu of those kid nightmares we've all had where you know you're dreaming, but can't wake up; but not in a bad way. I know, it makes no sense. I will have to read the book to see if it is more/less creepy. Based on the cover, I'm going to say: equally creepy. Bizarre. Totally bizarre.

The premise is that a little girl who is unhappy with her boring life crawls through a tiny door into a perfect, alternate version of her life. She finds out she can stay there forever if she let's her perfect mother take out her eyes and sew buttons in their place. Yeah. Pretty awesome, huh? There is also some sort of eastern European retired circus performer, and some old, overweight burlesque actressess...

I think you should see this movie.

PS - you can send super creepy e-cards to your friends at the book site.

Monday, August 24, 2009

fire is hot

Fire is hot.
Soup is cold.

There was a point earlier this primarily cold and rainy summer when I wouldn't have believed that I'd ever be thinking that it's just too darn hot to cook. Too hot to eat, sleep, or do anything but seek refuge in the corner of our kitchen near our pitifully overtaxed AC unit. Well, my friends, that time is now.

P and I have unearthed some great recipes that involve minimal ingredients and/or cooking. This is key, as I have just learned that fire is, indeed, quite hot. I say this in reference to my new gas stove and oven, which use actual fire to cook. Yes, yes, I know that I am supposed to prefer gas to electric, but even little flames seem to be super hot, and I have that Sesame Street vignette of the lady in the kimono bathrobe setting herself on fire while reaching for her teapot ingrained in my head. Will that be me? Will I burn all the hair off my arm lighting the stove as my 8th grade Earth Science lab partner did with our bunsen burner? It's entirely possible, as I find myself constantly removing pieces of paper, potholders, glasses of wine, etc. from the proximity of the (fiery) burner.

[Note: Did I make up that episode of Sesame Street? Sometimes that show really freaked me out.]

Anyway, I need to get a thermometer that measures the actual oven temperature because all temperatures seem to be "superhothothot" no matter the degree that I dial it to. Also, P and I need to devise a strategy to keep the smoke detectors from going off in our new apt when we use the superhothothot setting. We set them off for the first time last night, and let's just say a gal with a shoulder impingement shouldn't be fanning a smoke detector 10 feet over her head.

So, dear readers, I pose the following questions:
  • Any ideas for jerry rigging a ventilation strategy for an apt that has none?
  • Have a recommendation for a good oven thermometer?
  • Can you help me overcome the bunsen burner PTSD and use my gas range with confidence?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

time warp: apparently, I've grown...

Hmmm, much more peaceful than how I remember it.

You may have noticed that I'm feeling a bit nostalgic lately. I think that August will always have this effect on me, particularly since I work at a university and will always face a perpetual "back to school" period each summer. The afternoon light is hazy, the traffic is picking up, and I'm trying not to feel bitter about all those cold, rainy days that claimed the beginning of my summer.

When the weather finally cleared, I was able to enjoy some experiences that I haven't had since I was really quite young. The first is going to a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. As you know, I'm quite fond of the balmy waters of the Carribbean, but as a child, I took beach vacations to Rehoboth Beach, DE.

The elapsed time since I last partook in this activity left me questioning my memories, and trying to piece things back together from a height now 3 feet higher. I seemed to remember thrilling ocean waves of hurricane proprotion on even the calmest days. Perhaps DE beaches are just wilder than MA; or rather, it must be because I am no longer knee-high, but the waves still are...

Did you ever read Trumpet of the Swan?
Everyone should.

My next trip to times relatively long ago was to Stratford, ON. I hadn't been to Stratford in years, but have so many memories of our annual (?) trips with my family. This year, I took Pete to see my parents and family friend, see some plays, and see some swans. While they are big birds, they just weren't as big as I remembered. I still backed away as they came out of the water, though. They can clock you.

It's always interesting to contemplate how things change and how they stay the same. Luckily, some things do stay the same.

Regardless of how much height I have gained,
I am still the shortest member of my family.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

your moment of Zen...

Thanks to T&R for bringing the entertainment.

Thanks to all of you who helped celebrate Pete's birthday this weekend! For those of you who could be with us, hope we fed you enough because we still have 2lbs of pork left. For those of you who were here in spirit... jealous? Juuuuust kidding. Hope to see you next year, we missed you!

Just fyi, we are done with the southern themes for awhile. Next time there will be plenty of champagne and pate. Beware.

PS - We finally watched King Creole all the way through and with the sound on. It's quite good. Thumbs up.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guess the locale...

In spite of their efforts, I remained a
non-participatory member of the audience.

Hi, all! Just recently returned from vacation in a foreign land. Based on above video, can you guess where I was...?

More to come.