Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

if I had a hammer...

If I had a hammer...

Apparently, I'd eat half a dozen crabs.

I would eat them here.

There's more to this story, like baseball, a visit to Virgina, and...

spending time with Yankees fans...

Eating BBQ at a baseball game...

Just a few among many activities that took place during our visit to the Mid-Atlantic region recently. Most activities involved crabs. Or, Yankees fans. Good times!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

gotta have heart

Hospitals are fun! Hospitals are fun?
Leaving the hospital is fun.
Thursday at 4pm, gave me another reason to count my blessings. It was about that time that Pete and I left the emergency room at Mount Auburn Hospital after arriving 6 hours earlier. Pete called me at work that morning to tell me he was having problems seeing, couldn't remember words, couldn't read, and was generally confused. Our ride to the emergency room was very unsettling as he was mixing up his speech (saying things like "feffrett" instead of "Everett" and asking me to name types of pastries and types of fruits in order to try to figure out what he ate for breakfast (blueberry muffin).

Needless to say, screwing up your speech and forgetting words is not a good sign. He was admitted to the emergency room with "stroke-like symptoms." Long, long story short, after an MRI, CT, Ecocardiogram, lots of bloodwork, etc. the doctors told us that he could go home. All his tests were completely clear, and he mostly likely had an atypical or silent migraine.

Not Pete's heart, but one like it...
I know, 'cause I saw it myself!

I am having a glass of champagne tonight to celebrate my husband's health. This worked out to be the best possible issue considering the symptoms, and, man, am I glad.

So, cheers to you and yours. Go tell someone you love them.