Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pea head's triumph

I have a pea head. When I was in college, my friend from Trinidad told me one day: "Girl, you have a head just like a ripe mango." As a result of my head's apparently diminutive size, I don't own any hats other than a plethora of tight fitting winter toques and one fuzzy cloche that eliminates my peripheral vision.

My whole adult life I have been on a search for a baseball cap that does not look ridiculous on me, fall down over my eyes, or get a stupid-looking poof at the back from uber tight adjustment. I would dream of being able to leave the house without washing my hair -- hey, I'll just slap on my cap!

I had come to grips with the reality that I would probably never have a properly fitted baseball cap, but Pete refused to accept defeat. From time to time, he'd sneak up behind me and encircle my head with kitchen twine, ribbon, etc. to later be measured to determine my cranial circumference. His conclusion was that I would require the elusive XXS.

XXS = extra, extra special

The XXS is not even available online. In fact, it is only available at the Red Sox Team Store at Fenway. After decades of searching and a well-spent $30, I have my hat. Oh, XXS, you are so wonderful...



Courtney said...

LOVE it! I get nasty looks all the time wearing my 'sox cap around town. I love this post. It cracks me up, since I've known you for 23 years, and you HAVE been on the constant lookout for a cap.

YAY Pete!

My friend can get good tickets, and we're looking at some fun Boston weekends this summer since her parents live just outside of town!!!

Pucho V said...

I'm proud that LSB went for the real deal--blue hat with red "B" (and fitted, too!)--and did settle for the pink alternative.

er...no offense if your Sox hat happens to be pink, Courtney.

Courtney said...

Um, I absolutely LOATHE all of the pink RS gear. Loathe. It just looks, so, er, wrong.

So no, my hat is not pink. It's the real deal.

L--we need a picture of you sporting this XXS hat!

Pucho V said...

Oops. To clarify, I meant to say: "did NOT settle..." in my post.

eyeheartorange said...

Love it! I am a huge proponent of throwing on a cap. My preference is for Nike breathable running caps, but that is because I don't have a true sports team affiliation. And all the apparel from my college is hideous. Sorry, Alfred University. You ugly.