Thursday, April 9, 2009

hey, baby!

Hey, baby. Are you Dutch?

On a recent Sunday morning I woke up early(ish), and lay in bed thinking about how I should definitely eat less butter. It was dark as a cave in my bedroom and I groggily pulled myself up and to the kitchen for coffee.

Upon exiting the bedroom, I discovered that it was one of those rainy days when there is clearly no good reason to go outside. Somewhere in the depths of my foggy brain inspiration struck when I remembered seeing a gorgeous picture in this magazine. With visions of puffy golden pastry and enameled skillets on the brain, I set out to make a Dutch Baby.

While a dutch baby looks very impressive, it is about the easiest breakfast you can make. However, if you make it the way I did, it definitely won't help in the reduction of your butter consumption.

April showers... Ok, it was still March,
but now it's April and it's definitely still raining.

I hear we may be in for more rain this weekend, so perhaps I'll whip another one up for Easter brunch? I'm looking for culinary inspiration for Easter brunch and/or dinner if you have any ideas...


Courtney said...

We never seem to have Easter plans, so we get overly dressed up and go out to brunch. Fun.

Pucho V said...

"Come here! I'm gonna eat ye! I'm bigger than you, I'm higher on the foodchain!"

L said...

Um, thanks, Pucho.

Brunch out... never thought of that!

Courtney said...

Since I posted that, we've been invited to our friends' house for a kiddo egg hunt, and Easter dinner with a lot of wine...but, we'll still go out for a nice brunch. I highly recommend it! It's fun to get dressed up!

Sule said...

uh, she's aliiiiive!!

Why don't you write back to my emails?! Do I smell?? Can't be worse that the stench of beantown. D'oh!

Yes, I went there.