Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pea head's triumph

I have a pea head. When I was in college, my friend from Trinidad told me one day: "Girl, you have a head just like a ripe mango." As a result of my head's apparently diminutive size, I don't own any hats other than a plethora of tight fitting winter toques and one fuzzy cloche that eliminates my peripheral vision.

My whole adult life I have been on a search for a baseball cap that does not look ridiculous on me, fall down over my eyes, or get a stupid-looking poof at the back from uber tight adjustment. I would dream of being able to leave the house without washing my hair -- hey, I'll just slap on my cap!

I had come to grips with the reality that I would probably never have a properly fitted baseball cap, but Pete refused to accept defeat. From time to time, he'd sneak up behind me and encircle my head with kitchen twine, ribbon, etc. to later be measured to determine my cranial circumference. His conclusion was that I would require the elusive XXS.

XXS = extra, extra special

The XXS is not even available online. In fact, it is only available at the Red Sox Team Store at Fenway. After decades of searching and a well-spent $30, I have my hat. Oh, XXS, you are so wonderful...


Thursday, April 9, 2009

hey, baby!

Hey, baby. Are you Dutch?

On a recent Sunday morning I woke up early(ish), and lay in bed thinking about how I should definitely eat less butter. It was dark as a cave in my bedroom and I groggily pulled myself up and to the kitchen for coffee.

Upon exiting the bedroom, I discovered that it was one of those rainy days when there is clearly no good reason to go outside. Somewhere in the depths of my foggy brain inspiration struck when I remembered seeing a gorgeous picture in this magazine. With visions of puffy golden pastry and enameled skillets on the brain, I set out to make a Dutch Baby.

While a dutch baby looks very impressive, it is about the easiest breakfast you can make. However, if you make it the way I did, it definitely won't help in the reduction of your butter consumption.

April showers... Ok, it was still March,
but now it's April and it's definitely still raining.

I hear we may be in for more rain this weekend, so perhaps I'll whip another one up for Easter brunch? I'm looking for culinary inspiration for Easter brunch and/or dinner if you have any ideas...