Friday, March 13, 2009

The opposite of smelting, year 2

T pays homage to the Dude...

Once again this year, P and I chose to spend a weekend engaging in completely opposite activities. Last year, he went smelting, and I drank kir royales on the couch. This year, he went smelting with a bunch of boys, and I went to Miami with my childhood girlfriends.

There was much relaxing, as evidenced in these photos:

Tropical Sangria:
pineapple and canteloupe infused chardonnay

Outside lunching in March:
impossible to do in VT

View from home base

There's not much better than a sunny getaway at the tail end of winter. Thanks, C, for arranging everything. Looking forward to not smelting again with you next year.



Anna said...

What a fun time! I miss you guys!

Tera said...

I had such fun and was quite relieved that Ms. Garule did not follow us to Miami.