Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bullwinkle stew

P in his "cooking cap"

An item to add to the "something new" list: I ate a moose. Well, part of one anyway. Pete managed to obtain some moose meat on his recent expedition up to Maine. Upon my return from Miami, I was quite famished and headed straight to the fridge. I was not expecting to see a hunk of meat merely labeled "moose" on the top shelf.

I know my mom is terribly sad that we ate moose (her favorite animal, tied with the beaver...), but, Mom, it was delicious. You know that beef stew you made G&G the other day? It's fantastic with moose. It was a noble (and delicious) beast, so rest assured it was much appreciated.

Pete's Magnificent Moose stew recipe can be found here with annotations. If you ever manage to procure your own moose, through legal means only(!), I highly recommend it.



Courtney said...

The first thing I thought was "OH NO! I bet B is upset that L ate moose!"

I am glad it was delicious. Or as Benjamin would say "deeeeelishish. and nummy, too!"

Pucho V said...

That would be a great last line in an argument, just as someone storms out of the room: "Procure your own moose!"