Sunday, March 1, 2009

all kinds of awesome

nuh nuh nuh-na, nuh nuh na-nuh
[Clap! Clap!]

I recently discovered that every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 is online. Snow storm's a-comin -- good thing I have 10 years of reruns to keep me busy...

PS - I have $6 cable, I'm entitled to my online TV habit.
PPS - In eighth grade, I got a Betsey Johnson dress at Century 21 in Brooklyn that (I thought) looked a lot like Brenda's dress in this picture. There's an 8th grade graduation picture of me and my girlfriends decked out in our finest 90s gear, which we referred to as the "9-oh picture..."

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Pucho V said...

It's true, $6 cable kind of sucks.