Sunday, February 1, 2009


The end of January has been a bit of a struggle! I seemed to have hit a blogging roadblock, and even googled "blog post ideas" to see if something could jumpstart me. Unfortunately, I found advice from one site that said "don't write about what you had for lunch -- nobody cares." Um, pretty much all I write about is what I have for lunch (dinner/dessert/cocktail hour), which was a major bummer.

THEN, I realized how most instructions on how to blog are meant to bring out your wittiest, most cynnical, and oftentimes nasty critiques of pretty much everything around you. Since this is the opposite of why I started to write in the first place, I think I will continue to write about my lunch, thank you very much.

And, I will eat cheese and drink wine while I do it!

More to come...


Courtney said...

I think blogging should be about things that are important to you.

Lunch remains quite important to me.

As does cheese...

tera said...

that's funny! i have obviously not been blogging either, but i have lots of ideas. just no time to do them justice. stupid work. it gets in the way of everything.

Katie said...

I can also comiserate...we haven't been doing much around the house after an exhausting holiday season and lay-off down in the dumps, so I've had nothing to post about either. Finally, I came up with something yesterday, mostly in an effort to kill my last 15 minutes of sitting at my desk.

Miss your lovely thoughts!!