Thursday, February 19, 2009

meditation on meringue

Snow capped peaks; meringue

I have never made meringue. As you know, I don't bake (much), but am intrigued by this frothy, crunchy cookie. I found this one at this bakery while on a fabulous and cozy winter getaway.

It melted in my mouth, got all over my coat, the car, Pete, and was sugary-divine. Are they difficult to make? I think it may involve cream of tartar, which I find fascinating, but don't believe I've ever used...

Meringue as big as my head

Just had to share this frivolous detail and also let you know that I enjoyed winter recently. Anyone out there have meringe-making experience?


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JuneBug said...

yup, they are pretty easy to make, actually! and perfect to make in the winter because it involves running the oven with the oven door open (at a low temp, to dry out the merengues) they are fun to make. i love whipping egg whites! i bet any recipe you find will be fine...