Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hunkered down

Well, it's certainly winter here. Time to hunker down and find a way to survive until May, or so. I am turning to the following devices to help me through the winter:

Le Creuset ramekins:
I don't typically eat eggs for breakfast, but look how cozy baked eggs are! Plus, I got to make a
bain marie which is not fancy or difficult, but sounds fancy and difficult.

Drinking champagne in pajamas

Slow cooking:
This is actually P's Christmas present from me to him, but as I suspected, I reap the rewards of his experimentation

Trying to get a vacation planned for late spring, which really helped last year. Not looking good so far, so will have to get creative in ways to pull through the snow/sleet/rain. As always, suggestions highly welcome...


Courtney said...

My friend's inlaws own an AWESOME condo in Miami. I am going to see if they'd let us use it for a long weekend at some point over the winter. It's 2 if you consider vacation with a toddler something appealing, it's a possibility. :)

L said...

Um, hello? Yes.

eyeheartorange said...

Atlanta is slightly warmer than Boston...