Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yoga with the funky bunch, a review

Bryan's glorious locks gently caress
your hip during side bends...

As I mentioned, I recently quit my gym and have been looking for ways to pursue physical phitness without disturbing my neighbors. A good way to do this seems to be to reallocate some of the funds that were previously paying for my sauna sessions and mini-trampoline jumping toward DVDs. Based on 351 mostly positive user reviews, I put my $11 towards Bryan Kest: Complete Power Yoga Collection. What I quickly realized upon receipt of my DVD is that there are 351 reviews because this DVD must have been filmed circa 1992. It. Is. Fabulous.

Imagine Marky Mark's Funky Bunch all doing yoga in their Calvin Klein's without the low-slung jeans. Some wear super short boxer briefs. Other's wear tight, knee-length undies. The women wear similiar looking tighties, but over strange 90's style white bustier/leotards. BRYAN, however, is like Yogi Marky Mark, and walks among the undies with his own Yoga Klein's visible both above and below his cut-off jean shorts. Huh? It kind of reminded me of Tobias when he was struggling with being a Never Nude.

This is the only yoga routine that I have ever had to stop doing a pose for because I was laughing so hard that I fell over. This is the only yoga personality who I think can get away with saying things like: "Don't freak out, just hang out in the pose." This is also the only yoga video that made me say, s#$%, I can't do that.

Today, I am sore. A+, Bryan Kest. A+.

Bryan today... Sans locks, but not sans undies...



Pucho V said...

Always the dutiful house-husband, I was cooking tofu and baby bok choy in the kitchen, while this went on right under my own roof! Gasp!

JMP said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I have this DVD. He is just a leetle too touchy feely with some of his students. Quite a good show. Let's give thanks for Brian Kest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Courtney said...

This made me smile! Go you, for working out!

Happy Thanksgiving!

eyeheartorange said...

wow, dude got hot!