Monday, November 10, 2008

wheel of fortune, medieval-style

Proof of cultural outing...

On Saturday, Pete and I took the #1 bus down to Symphony Hall to get some culture. This evening's concert was a presentation of Carmina Burana. The first half was performed by a medieval music ensemble in the way the poems might have been performed in the 1200s. The second half was the entirity of the breathtaking piece by Carl Orff.

I love going to Symphony Hall because it reminds me of NYC outings to Lincoln Center when I was little. It is civilized and you have to get dressed up. Upon arrival, Pete and I had an uncivilized 10-minute glass of wine before heading to our seats. I actually splurged for the first balcony this time, and boy does it make a difference! I didn't used to think so, but it's so much more interesting when you can see stuff!

The other reason it was important to have good seats was so we could read the supertitles projected above the performers. You can see some translated lyrics of O Fortuna by clicking below.

O Fortuna, velut luna!

Alternately, you can just make up your own meaning:

Salsa! Noogies!

I was exhausted by the end, and we stumbled out the door to board the 1 bus back home. Taking the bus after a fancy outing is kind of a bummer, but lots of hoity toity Bostonians were on it too so that made me feel pretty good.

Until next time, give me cookies! Give me a hot po-ta-to!


Courtney said...

What a lovely cultural outing! I saw the time on the ticket and gasped a little. Activities starting past my bedtime aren't my thing these days.


Courtney said...

Oh, and btw, Andrew and I can't stop laughing at the 2nd video. Seriously. Dying.

BurlingtonBride said...

Sounds like a wonderful concert. I need to start taking advantage of Lincoln Center again. It's hard to go from 14 opera's at the MET in 5 months (free as an intern) to cold turkey, no opera! I have taken Nate once in the almost 3 years we've lived here.

PS. It was great to finally meet you. I hope the rest of your work event went well and you got home safely.

L said...

BB - so good to hear from you! I had a fabulous time with you in NYC.

I can imagine you must be in opera withdawl! Do you ever use GoldStar events? I love that service -- I will take cheap tickets anytime. I think it's available in NY...

Hope to see you again soon...