Sunday, November 9, 2008

overwhelming oishii-ness

Their motto: size matters...

On Friday, I was lucky to meet up with M in NYC during my lightening quick work trip. We originally planned to head downtown to grab a bite and have a few drinks, but changed our minds after accidentally wandering through the back door of this place.

I know I'm revealing my provincial Boston viewpoint right now, but I was like, WOW! I've never seen such a freakin' big buffet! It's all Japanesey and weird and bright and loud! I've since learned that the "super buffet" is actually the category this restaurant falls into. Without much thought to the freshness of buffet sashimi and the likes, M and I decided to try it out simply for the experience.

The super buffet was American-Excess meets every Japanese restaurant there is and then throws the zen out the window. There were literally mounds of crab legs, you could pile your plate with oysters the size of my hand, choose from multiple whole fish dishes, sashimi, sushi, soup --before I go on, just take a look at the menu.

I don't really remember how the food actually was, but it was definitely interesting. More interesting was when we tried to leave the way we came in and were informed that we could not because "that door is for garbage." We finally convinced them that we were worthy of the garbage door and headed back to my hotel...

Thanks for the visit, M!

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Courtney said...

Yay for girlfriend slumber parties!! Hilarious post, L!