Monday, November 3, 2008


See anything?

On Halloween, Pete and I did something new -- we went on a Haunted Tour. Lucky for us, it was a warm and breezy evening; the kind of Halloween all children of the NoCo dream of, yet seldom experience. It was a great night to wander the city on foot.

My overall review of the tour would be thumbs up. It wasn't scary, but I learned a lot of cool things about Boston (where the Athenaeum is located), and some freaky stuff (there are bodies buried pretty much everywhere on Boston Common). We also happened to run into yet another filming of this movie. Mel Gibson, I can't escape you...

Perhaps my next something new will be to go visit the Athenaeum, or look at the cursed figurehead in the old city hall, or maybe find a book about Boson's history. Good idea, Pete!

PS - The photo above is of the Central Burying Ground on Boston Common. From the vantage point we shot the picture, apparently one often sees orbs hovering around the headstones. Mwahahahaha!

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Dan said...

The general public is allowed on the ground floor of the Athenaeum - often there are exhibits there (photos and such). It's a beautiful library - well worth the trip.