Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yoga with the funky bunch, a review

Bryan's glorious locks gently caress
your hip during side bends...

As I mentioned, I recently quit my gym and have been looking for ways to pursue physical phitness without disturbing my neighbors. A good way to do this seems to be to reallocate some of the funds that were previously paying for my sauna sessions and mini-trampoline jumping toward DVDs. Based on 351 mostly positive user reviews, I put my $11 towards Bryan Kest: Complete Power Yoga Collection. What I quickly realized upon receipt of my DVD is that there are 351 reviews because this DVD must have been filmed circa 1992. It. Is. Fabulous.

Imagine Marky Mark's Funky Bunch all doing yoga in their Calvin Klein's without the low-slung jeans. Some wear super short boxer briefs. Other's wear tight, knee-length undies. The women wear similiar looking tighties, but over strange 90's style white bustier/leotards. BRYAN, however, is like Yogi Marky Mark, and walks among the undies with his own Yoga Klein's visible both above and below his cut-off jean shorts. Huh? It kind of reminded me of Tobias when he was struggling with being a Never Nude.

This is the only yoga routine that I have ever had to stop doing a pose for because I was laughing so hard that I fell over. This is the only yoga personality who I think can get away with saying things like: "Don't freak out, just hang out in the pose." This is also the only yoga video that made me say, s#$%, I can't do that.

Today, I am sore. A+, Bryan Kest. A+.

Bryan today... Sans locks, but not sans undies...


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Pete recently mentioned to me that he was surprised that I have not yet started the Holiday Anticipation Series this year. Consider this your intro: H.A.S. 2008 is on....

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

C's version introduced me to the perfect way to spend the 3pm hour... Thanks, C! Couldn't resist...


but when she got there, the cupboard was bare...

Which means, I really, really needed an emergency meal this past Sunday morning. Er, ok, it was actually already afternoon.

The ultimate emergency, emergency meal

Awhile back, I was inspired by this post, and have made several delicious impromtu tartines out of whatever happened to be around that day. Sunday, however, fell after two weeks of P's constant travel to random places for work, and me eating Trader Joe's potstickers every night. [Note: the chicken potstickers are not as savory and delicious as the pork potstickers.] I had eaten myself out of every immediately preparable food item, and many staples as well. Thank goodness I had some random hunks of bread lying around.

And, 2 shallots left hiding in the cabinet...

And, some fig jam, which was delicious this summer...

...And way in the back of the cheese drawer, a container of bleu cheese crumbles.

Caramelized the shallots, toasted the bread, topped with jam, cheese, shallots, popped under broiler, et voila: Food in hand, I was back to my old self.

Clearly this means I am still very open to any emergeny meal recommendations you might have, for REAL emergencies... (Well, not like stranded in the wilderness emergencies, but like very, very hungry emergiencies.)


Monday, November 24, 2008



shiny, shiny.

so shiny...

bye, bye.

Well, friends and family, Pete and I bit the bullet. We are now the proud owners of something very shiny. We just look at it out the window.

And then I say: "Oooh. Shiny."

Then, Pete says: "I wonder if we could get a better parking space. I think I see one 5 feet closer to the building."

Then, I say: "Shiny."

The bad economy is good for something...


Monday, November 10, 2008

wheel of fortune, medieval-style

Proof of cultural outing...

On Saturday, Pete and I took the #1 bus down to Symphony Hall to get some culture. This evening's concert was a presentation of Carmina Burana. The first half was performed by a medieval music ensemble in the way the poems might have been performed in the 1200s. The second half was the entirity of the breathtaking piece by Carl Orff.

I love going to Symphony Hall because it reminds me of NYC outings to Lincoln Center when I was little. It is civilized and you have to get dressed up. Upon arrival, Pete and I had an uncivilized 10-minute glass of wine before heading to our seats. I actually splurged for the first balcony this time, and boy does it make a difference! I didn't used to think so, but it's so much more interesting when you can see stuff!

The other reason it was important to have good seats was so we could read the supertitles projected above the performers. You can see some translated lyrics of O Fortuna by clicking below.

O Fortuna, velut luna!

Alternately, you can just make up your own meaning:

Salsa! Noogies!

I was exhausted by the end, and we stumbled out the door to board the 1 bus back home. Taking the bus after a fancy outing is kind of a bummer, but lots of hoity toity Bostonians were on it too so that made me feel pretty good.

Until next time, give me cookies! Give me a hot po-ta-to!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

overwhelming oishii-ness

Their motto: size matters...

On Friday, I was lucky to meet up with M in NYC during my lightening quick work trip. We originally planned to head downtown to grab a bite and have a few drinks, but changed our minds after accidentally wandering through the back door of this place.

I know I'm revealing my provincial Boston viewpoint right now, but I was like, WOW! I've never seen such a freakin' big buffet! It's all Japanesey and weird and bright and loud! I've since learned that the "super buffet" is actually the category this restaurant falls into. Without much thought to the freshness of buffet sashimi and the likes, M and I decided to try it out simply for the experience.

The super buffet was American-Excess meets every Japanese restaurant there is and then throws the zen out the window. There were literally mounds of crab legs, you could pile your plate with oysters the size of my hand, choose from multiple whole fish dishes, sashimi, sushi, soup --before I go on, just take a look at the menu.

I don't really remember how the food actually was, but it was definitely interesting. More interesting was when we tried to leave the way we came in and were informed that we could not because "that door is for garbage." We finally convinced them that we were worthy of the garbage door and headed back to my hotel...

Thanks for the visit, M!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

waiting in line... vote!

Happy Election Day!

Monday, November 3, 2008


See anything?

On Halloween, Pete and I did something new -- we went on a Haunted Tour. Lucky for us, it was a warm and breezy evening; the kind of Halloween all children of the NoCo dream of, yet seldom experience. It was a great night to wander the city on foot.

My overall review of the tour would be thumbs up. It wasn't scary, but I learned a lot of cool things about Boston (where the Athenaeum is located), and some freaky stuff (there are bodies buried pretty much everywhere on Boston Common). We also happened to run into yet another filming of this movie. Mel Gibson, I can't escape you...

Perhaps my next something new will be to go visit the Athenaeum, or look at the cursed figurehead in the old city hall, or maybe find a book about Boson's history. Good idea, Pete!

PS - The photo above is of the Central Burying Ground on Boston Common. From the vantage point we shot the picture, apparently one often sees orbs hovering around the headstones. Mwahahahaha!