Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something new update: success!


Just a quick note to let you know that I followed my rules for my first week of keeping busy. I admit -- my Saturday outing was just to the store to pick up some ingredients for dinner, but it was raining. Thanks to Pete for making sure I didn't fall off the wagon with my first test. I came this close to not setting foot outside.

Friday dinner was delightful, Sunday brunch with C at a new restaurant was lovely, and our walk following brunch led us to inadvertent participation in a parade of costumed dogs led by the Salem High School Marching Band.... Well, that's something new! Court, forgot to tell you that I have confirmed the parade was, in fact, the 4th Annual Divas Unleashed Halloween Pet Parade.

Lots of Halloweeny plans are in the works. Can't wait to reveal the ingenious costume that P and I came up with! Anyone have a good costume this year?


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Courtney said...

I loved the dog parade! It was such a fun giggle!