Monday, September 8, 2008

God bless Trader Joe's


Dear God,

I always try to send you a little mental note every time I reflect on something wonderful that you have created. I'm not being funny, but I'd really like to thank you for Trader Joe's, and especially for Trader Joe's Pork Gyoza Potstickers. They have kept me company every night since my husband went to South America. I have three bags, so I think if I pace myself they will last the rest of the trip.

They are so savory and delicious, and best of all, so easy to prepare. I like to make a soy sauce, sesame oil, and garlic dipping sauce for them. The serving size is 6, but I ate 9 tonight because maybe I read the bag upside down.



I would also like to offer my sincere appreciation for Trader Joe's Lime Fruit Floes. They are delicious and a good substitute for a cocktail when I'm trying to be good. I have the Carribbean Fruit flavor lined up next, as I only have one Lime Fruit Floe left after tonight.

Thank you. Thank you for Trader Joe and for his amazing dumplings.

PS - (...and for fruit floes, frozen creme brulee with rasberries, wide selection of cheese and meat, inexpensive wine, dried chili mango slices, crystalized ginger pieces, excellent frozen emergency appetizers, garlic-stuffed olives, jambalaya in a bag, unbeatable prices, and friendly customer service)
PPS - The Fruit Floes are gluten free.


Courtney said...

This cracked me up. I love so much from there, but mostly love that I can buy any treat there for Benjamin, and know that it won't have high fructose corn syrup in it.

Can't say that for any other store!

eyeheartorange said...

dude, you are too much! Fantastic post.

Pucho V said...

Don't eat them all...I like 'em, too.

BurlingtonBride said...

Hey LB -- it's been too long. Thanks for your comment on my anniversary/cake post. I just had to chime in and say, I'm so excited to experience Trader Joe's now. I'd never been there before this weekend.

Mr. Onion and I are buying our first apartment (hooray) in Brooklyn Heights. We close in just a few weeks, and this weekend I brought my best friend/bridemaid and her boyfriend to explore our new neighborhood to discover a Trader Joe's and just opened up this month!! We walked around and I got to excited to be able to shop there. So thank you for the tips -- I'll add them to my first shopping list :)

PS. Would love to meet you one of these days. You're always welcome if you come visit NY or come for work. Cheers - Mrs. Onion