Friday, September 19, 2008

something familiar, something peculiar...

I know I have many lovely things to write about, including C's fantastic visit last weekend, but until I can muster the energy to properly post about that, just thought I'd share a little refelction on, well, the way that CVS smells.

I went to CVS this morning on the way to work. That CVS smells like every other CVS I've ever been in. I can't really identify the components of the smell -- it's not particularly good, not particularly bad, but somehow has just become so familiar that is has a bit of a calming effect on me. I am immediately grounded in the "now" of "I have entered CVS," as opposed to lost in all the millions of things that are usually going on all at once up there.

Maybe CVS pumps in their CVS fragrance the way that Cinnabon and McDonald's do. Maybe it's just me...?

Happy Friday,


Pucho V said...

As a Lovely Thought, the smell of CVS is borderline, I think.

eyeheartorange said...

My friend works for Abercrombie and they pump that stench all through the office. Hmmm, do you think A&F and CVS have the same corporate strategy?

I mentioned this in a recent post of my own, but Northern Music and Video also has a very particular smell. Not good, not bad. Kind of plasticky and what I would imagine static smells like.