Monday, September 8, 2008

DeNiro was around somewhere

Mel Gibson's back

On Saturday, P and I found ourselves at South Station on our way to Providence, RI. It was especially difficult to maneuver around the station that day because Mel Gibson and Robert DeNiro were shooting a movie there. Ever since the teamsters reorganized (or something like that) Boston has been a popular city to film in. This one is called Edge of Darkness (as you can tell from Mel's chair).

Mel Gibson's back II

I was much more interested to see DeNiro, but couldn't spot him in the crowd. Had to make do with these mediocre shots of Mel Gibson's back, taken one-handed while munching a slice of Pizzeria Regina's Sicilian with fresh tomatoes.

UPDATE, 12:32pm: Apparently, DeNiro quit the movie! What a diva! Oh well, good for him -- like there aren't enough films about Boston cops and tortured Boston fathers of murdered daughters...

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