Sunday, August 24, 2008

an eerie glow...

An eerie light (which shuts of promptly every 16 hrs)...

P & I were wooed by this post into purchasing our very own Aerogrow. I like to refer to it as our counter-top hydroponic paradise-to-be. This thing gets great reviews, and I consistently blow $2.99 on basil, so if I can get this baby to produce both Italian and purple basil, it will pay for itself in the first harvest.

Our garden to be

The "gourmet herb pack" appears above. There is a 100% sasisfaction guarantee with this product, which I really, really need. I have single-handedly killed a whole row of herbs given to us last year by my parents and killed multiple un-killable office plants. I did think I was able to keep a cactus alive (by doing aboslutely nothing to it), but then Pete told me he "waters it every now and then" so I can't even take credit for that. Long story short: My thumb is black. Not green. Not even chartreuse.

The pods...
So.... we shall see. Will I be harvesting my own hydroponic herbs in just a few weeks? Is satisfaction really 100% guaranteed? Is this truly "an apartment dweller's paradise?"
I will let you know. Wish me luck.


Pucho V said...

Damn, we're urban.

Sule said...

Sure you're growing "basil," sure...those are some herbs.

Courtney said...

Hehehe, Sule.

Love it. I have been meaning to create a little herb garden since we moved in here.

I plan to read gardening/landscaping books this winter; our yard is a disaster!