Sunday, August 24, 2008

dejeuner sur l'herbe...

Summer day on the Charles...

On one of the last summer Sundays of the year, P & I finally took advantage of our own city. We packed up some farmers market melon, brie, fig jam, baguette, and a cleverly camoflauged bottle of rose and headed to the Esplanade for a picnic.

My mom gave me these lobster spreaders

I've been internally debating this "staycation" term that is trendy right now. I don't really understand it. Why do you have to come up with a term for "take time to enjoy the place you live?" I understand it's marketing to help people who aren't going away for vacation because of the economy, but I just feel like it kind of puts a negative connotation on something lovely -- appreciating your surroundings, being grateful for where you are, enjoying being home.

Life is but a dream....

We hopped off the train after three stops and strolled along the park, out to the island and picked a shady spot under some willow trees overlooking the sailing teams slicing by, and novice boaters getting used to the water.

I wore one of my favorite lady dresses...
perfect for a picnic when paired with
end of summer super-sale flip flops.

There were lots of puppies, bicycles, joggers, and lazy picnicers sprawled out under the trees, or soaking in the sun.

New England appropriate picnicware

I consider any day not at work (vacation/personal/weekend) a wonderfully lucky day. I do not need to give it a special term.

Late dejeuner sur l'herbe...


an eerie glow...

An eerie light (which shuts of promptly every 16 hrs)...

P & I were wooed by this post into purchasing our very own Aerogrow. I like to refer to it as our counter-top hydroponic paradise-to-be. This thing gets great reviews, and I consistently blow $2.99 on basil, so if I can get this baby to produce both Italian and purple basil, it will pay for itself in the first harvest.

Our garden to be

The "gourmet herb pack" appears above. There is a 100% sasisfaction guarantee with this product, which I really, really need. I have single-handedly killed a whole row of herbs given to us last year by my parents and killed multiple un-killable office plants. I did think I was able to keep a cactus alive (by doing aboslutely nothing to it), but then Pete told me he "waters it every now and then" so I can't even take credit for that. Long story short: My thumb is black. Not green. Not even chartreuse.

The pods...
So.... we shall see. Will I be harvesting my own hydroponic herbs in just a few weeks? Is satisfaction really 100% guaranteed? Is this truly "an apartment dweller's paradise?"
I will let you know. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Too pretty to reisist.... Now what?

Picked up a handful of these lovelies at the farmers market this morning. They were just so pretty, but...

What should I do with them?


pretty pictures from a foreign land

A, on the hunt for t-shirts with wolves on them...

P and I made our annual summer expedition to the NoCo a few weeks ago. As part of the tour, we headed up to Ottawa with my parents and my brother. After a tasty Vietnamese lunch, we took in the sights including the Byward Market, boats going through the locks, the capitol, and lovely views.

Byward Market...

P and the capitol...

Beautiful view, national gallery....


The last shot is me in my second favorite T-shirt. Looking forward to the next visit, family!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

luckiest girl in the world

Hello, my chickadee...

I had so much work to do today that I didn't get back from the office until after 8pm. I walked in the door to find the above display created by my husband. Wine, homemade pizza, a massage, and Christopher Walken. Um....

Luckiest girl ever? Yes, luckiest girl ever.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

fried green tomatoes

fried green tomatoes

Um, so I wanted to make sure to write something before an entire postless month goes by. Rercording the happy little things in life is a terrible habit to be out of. So, I will back track a little, as lots of lovely things have happened in the height of summer, and more continue to spring up in anticipation of (gulp) fall.

Have you ever read Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe or seen the movie with the lovely Marie-Louise Parker? I had a period of obsession with first the book, then the movie. I cried when you knew that train was headed for Buddy in the book, and I CRIED when Buddy became Chris O'Donnell in the movie version and you still knew the train was imminent. But, the details of the story that really stuck with me were those pertaining to the food and food culture of the south. The cafe, was of course, almost a character in and of itself, and I was fascinated by the comings and goings, the barbeque out back, and especially by the fried green tomatoes.

I don't think I'd ever had fried green tomatoes until just this July. P and I fried up some firm, celadon-colored tomatoes that we picked up at our local farmers market following a morning run, and while drinking fresh-squeezed lemonade. They were every bit as delicious as I'd hoped, and inspired nostalgia for another time; not only for the days of Idgie and Ruth, but also those of a young me curled around a book and crying for imaginary people whom I loved.