Monday, July 14, 2008

happy Bastille Day-a-go-go-no-go

Claude Monet

Happy Bastille Day, all!

P and I spent the weekend reveling in francophile-ness in honor of France's national holiday. Mostly this involved eating a lot and talking about making an appearance at Bastille Day-a-go-go, a celebration we stumbled upon several years ago, but have yet to re-visit despite an awesome Edith Piaf cover band, free cake, and a 6-ft+ tall man dressed as Napoleon leading a New Orleans party band. In spite of our best intentions, too much charcuterie and kir thwarted our plans. Next year, I swear.

Culinary adventures included:

According to Netflix, La Vie En Rose is on its way, so the celbration may be extended one more day in honor of the fabulous Marion Cotillard.

Until next Bastille Day, bisous.


JMP said...

The "let them eat cake" cake was delicious, if I recall.

eyeheartorange said...

I saw La Vie En Rose on a date. It was the best part of the date.