Tuesday, July 8, 2008

best way to "kill" a Saturday

Get it? "Kill" time? Like, Peekskill? Ok, ok, please give me a break, I'm having a tough time in the clever department today and was at loss for a witty title. Much discussion has revolved around what exactly a "kill" is (a la Peekskill, Fishkill). I have learned that is from the Dutch meaning a stream/creek/channel.

After our pleasant train picnic and arrival at Penn Station, P and I met up with S to head out to her home in Peekskill.

Trains are so civilized...

Saturday, we spent the afternoon wandering the town. We went to a farmers market where P&S sampled locally-made fare.

S&P with pickles-on-a-stick

Then we headed into Treat Station where we regressed a bit.

P likes trains

Retro conductor dress-up

The highlight of P's afternoon is when we finally let him go to the used bookstore he's had on his mind since our last visit to Peekskill (which was, like, a year ago). S said she had never gone in before because disorganized stores are not her thing (nor mine), but what we found was far from disorganized. Besides having the best name for a used bookstore ever, it was super-organized, funky, and interesting. Both S&P made out quite well. S even got a book signed by the author, right on the spot...

Bruised Apple decor detail:
Who doesn't read better in a fez?

A perfect Saturday afternoon... Friday P&A went to the Sox/Yankees game. While I'm sure it was amusing, I was not there, so may have to ask P to submit a guest entry here...

Happy Tuesday.


Pucho V said...

Who doesn't like trains?

I was the only one brave enough to get the spicy pickle, by the way.

Sule said...

By the way, I'm still pissed I was suckered into paying $19.99 for that book. Especially now that I see Amazon has it for $15. MoFos.

Had a blast though.

L said...

Sule - it's good to support local commerce. You should feel good about your purchase.
Thanks, again!